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The programs of the Division of Environmental Science are collaborative and have the following associations.

Stephen F. Austin State University

University of Texas Health Science Center - Tyler

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Professional Associations

Texas Association of Environmental Professionals

National Association of Environmental Professionals


Other Links

Regulatory Agencies

Additional Environmental Information

 Employment Opportunities


Regulatory Agencies
    EPA      U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    TCEQ   Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
    LDEQ    Lousiana Department of Environmental Quality
    RRC      The Railroad Commission of Texas
    USACE  U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
    NRCS    U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service
    OSHA    U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Admin.
    MSHA    U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration

Additional Environmental Information
     Texas Nature Conservancy
     Environmental Data Services
     Environmental News Network
     Lycos Environmental News Service
     United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin.

 Employment Opportunities
     SFA Jobs Listing for Environmental Science & Forestry
     Environmental Career Opportunities
     Environmental Jobs and Careers
     Public Health Employment
     Eco Employ
     National Resources Job Search -Cyber Sierra's
     The Environmental Careers Organization
     Monster Job Search