Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture


  • M.S. Environmental Science, Stephen F. Austin State University, in progress
  • B.S. Natural Resource Ecology, Oklahoma State University

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Graduate Committee

Drs. Carmen Montaña, Christopher Schalk, Matthew McBroom, and Yanli Zhang


Spatiotemporal factors affecting occupancy and phenology of a declining pine savanna songbird

This study will examine the role of local and watershed-level environmental variables on the structure and function of stream fish communities within East-Central Texas. Specifically, this study will concentrate on the relationship of fish community and environmental variables at the watershed and local scale and conduct a species occupancy model of flow dependent fish species to examine the following hypotheses. H1) Fish assemblage composition will be correlated to environmental variables at the watershed and local-reach scale. H2) Aspects of locomotion, feeding, and life history functional traits of the fish assemblage will be correlated with habitat descriptors such as flow regime characteristics. H3) Changes in composition of flow-dependent fish species will be explained by changes in land use and flow regimes.    

Publications and Presentations

Fish Community Assembly across Riverine Systems of East-Central Texas