Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

Dr. Brian Oswald Joe C. Denman Distinguished Professor of Forestry
SFAStephen F. Austin State University

Fire Ecology and Management, Silviculture, Community Ecology and Classification, Silvopasture and Agroforestry

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Ph.D. - University of Idaho-Forestry, Wildlife and Range Sciences
M.S. - Northern Arizona University-Fire Ecology
B.S. - Michigan State University-Forestry

Dr. Brian Oswald was named Northern Arizona University School of Forestry Distinguished Alumnus for 2009.

Brian Oswald is Professor of Fire Ecology, Silviculture and Range Management, joining the faculty at SFA in 1995. Prior to that, he was Assistant Professor of Forestry at Alabama A&M University, and also taught for 5 years at a Community College on the Navajo Reservation. In 2002, he was presented the Carl A. Schenck Award by the SAF for outstanding forestry education, and in 2004 the University of Idaho's College of Natural Resources presented him the Mid-Career Alumni Achievement Award.


All research has been driven by his graduate students. Research has been performed in Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Missouri, and Kentucky.

General research topics include:

1. Fire Ecology and Management
2. Silviculture
3. Community Ecology and Classification
4. Silvopasture and Agroforestry


FOR 209 Forest Ecology
FOR 337 Introduction to Fire Management
FOR 427 Regional Silviculture
FOR 438 Fire Use in Land Management
FOR 448 Range Management
FOR 545 Forest and Range Ecological Concepts
FOR 546 Fire Ecology

Selected Publications
Oswald, B.P., K.W. Farrish, M. Beierle. 2008. Establishment success of longleaf and loblolly pines in an east Texas bahaigrass silvopasture with different spacings: A technical note. S.J. Appl. For 32(1): 44-45.

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