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The Master of Science in environmental science degree program is a collaborative effort of Stephen F. Austin State University and the University of Texas Health Center at Tyler. This interdisciplinary program integrates the expertise of SFA's Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture, College of Sciences and Mathematics and Department of General Business, as well as the Division of Biomedical Research at UTHCT to deliver considerable research and teaching resources. The result is a program with both the breadth and depth needed to address the complex issues of the environmental science field. Graduates of the program are prepared for employment in private industry, environmental consulting, health care, government regulatory agencies, and educational and research institutions. Graduates also obtain the experience and skills necessary to pursue further advanced education in environmental science or related fields.

The program has two specialized tracks of study allowing students to focus their research and coursework on specific areas of interest.



Land and Water Resources Track

The Land and Water Resources Track prepares students for careers in environmental science that focus on ecosystem assessment and managment, such as monitoring or improving water quality, ecosystem restoration, wetland mitigation, remediation of disturbed or contaminated lands, air quality monitoring, applications of remote sensing and GIS for environmental assessment and invasive species assessment. SFA is the lead institution on this track of the program.

Occupational and Environmental Health Track

The Occupational and Environmental Health Track is focused on the relationship between human health and the environment. Graduates of this track obtain a thorough understanding of how exposure to various environmental contaminates affect human health. The occupational and environmental health track is especially well suited for individuals with a background in the health sciences, such as nurses or physicians, and prepares graduates for careers in industrial hygiene, public health, and occupational and environmental health. The UTHCT is the lead institution on this track of the program.


Admission Requirements

Students seeking admission into the program must have completed a bachelors degree, preferably in a related discipline, with at least eight semester hours of chemistry, six semester hours of biology, and college algebra or a higher level mathematics. GRE scores also are considered in the admission process. Students missing some of the background coursework may be admitted on a provisional basis until deficiencies are corrected.

A limited number of graduate assistantships are available for qualified students at both SFA and the University of Texas Health Center at Tyler. If you would like additional information about our program, contact the division directors.

The SFA Graduate School web page provides access to information about how to apply to the graduate program and how to apply for an assistantship. The application for admission should be sent to the SFA Graduate School. Applications for graduate assistantships should be sent directly to the Division of Environmental Science.


If you would like more information concerning our Environmental Science program, please fill out the Student Information Request form. Additional information about admission and financial aid procedures can be reached through the SFA links below.


The Master of Science in environmental science curriculum may be accessed through the following link:

Curriculum for Master of Science in environmental science


Graduate Guidelines for Success:

Guidelines for a Successful Thesis Based Masters Program
Guidelines for a Successful Non-Thesis Based Environmental Science Masters Program
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Guidelines for Travel
Procedure for Selecting a Graduate School Representative


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